Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Quilt Top

So I woke up today and just had the urge to sew. I hopped out of bed and popped next door to the "sewing room" and was there for an hour before my belly started to grumble for blueberry porridge (which by the way does not taste too fantastic when made with water instead of milk!) and a cup of tea.

After breakfast I was back up for round 2 and I eventually finished my quilt top! Now I didn't start it from scratch - I had already cut the squares and sewn a little bit of it but it's been sitting waiting for me to get going for about two weeks.

I decided to go for a trip around the world pattern this time as I absolutely love symmetry (sometimes to the point of obsession) but I think next time I might add in a few plain colours .Now it is quite busy and it reminds me of one of those optical illusions where if I get closer to it I'm gonna see an elephant pop out or something. But it's so pretty and overall I'm very pleased with it.

And before I go I'll share with you one of my recently discovered favourite things:

Freesias smell absolutely divine. I can't get enough of them. Every time I walk past the vase (which is a lot) I can't help but stick my nose in the bouquet and take a sniff. BF gives me weird looks but I don't care!


  1. quilt looks gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it finished!

  2. Thanks - the photo isn't great but started photography classes tonight so fingers crossed they'll improve.

    Someone has suggested that I hand quilt it but I don't know if I'm confident enough - we'll see!

  3. Quilts looking good. Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Really subtle colour scheme, looks good!

  5. Hi Nerys, haven't stopped by for a while and glad i did to see your beautiful quilt. The colours are so lovely, great picks. I'm love symmetry too! Probably something to do with giving things balance? unlike real life!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my new blog!
    Cathy x

  6. Ooh I like the balance theory - so true! Thanks to everyone for the comments about the quilt - I'm chuffed you all like it so much! x


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