Tuesday, 17 August 2010

No Baking Powder

As my parents were staying last weekend and we were going to be spending an afternoon with BF's parents I decided to bake. Fairy cakes (or cupcakes or buns - whatever you want to call them!) are easier to share than a whole cake, especially when there are a large number of you, so I set to work.

I've used the same recipe always for plain sponges, so whipped it up in no time and eagerly watched the minutes ticking by as they baked in the oven.

But upon opening the oven door I discovered these flat-as-a-pancake buns instead of my lovely fluffy fairy cakes! I'm sure I must have copied the recipe down wrong because there was no call for baking powder, and surely they must have needed it? They hadn't risen one tiny bit.

Well there was no time for a second batch so on goes the green icing and away we go! They were well received and tasted yummy, even if they looked more like biscuits than cakes. Oh well - imperfections are what makes us unique right??

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