Tuesday, 10 August 2010

More bees please

I think I'm developing a thing for bees. Now I hate hate hate wasps with a passion so I'm quite surprised with my latest obsession.

I've never really paid them much attention but since I now have my own garden to attend to I've noticed them more and more.

They're actually really cute and fascinating to watch. As I've mentioned before I have about 6 resident bees that buzz around my lavender bush but wind, plus constant hopping from one flower to the next equals an unhappy camera focus so no piccies of them sorry.

But all of this bee rambling does have a point. T'other day I saw that Katie from A Stitch in Time had started selling prints under the name Flemying Design Photography and was having a giveaway. You had to hop on over to her shop and tell her your favourite print for a chance to win.

Well over I went and fell in love with this little fella:

How sweet is he?? And I only went and won didn't I! So this morning Mr postie dropped the 8x8 inch print of Eryngium with Bee through my letterbox. I'm gonna have to go out and find the perfect frame to put it in now.

Katie has just started up a new blog and facebook page, so go check them out. She has some really beautiful pictures.


  1. Lucky you for winning one of Katie's images. I love bees too. I was in the RSPB shp at the weekend and am considering getting a ceramic bumble bee skep for the garden - looks like an old-fashion bee hive.

  2. Lucky you!! I love Katie's work, I bought a few of her cards and they are lovely.
    I have got quite a lot of lavender bushes in my garden and I find myself looking at the ever working bees, I have tried to take a close up pic but it is just imposible for me, glad that you have managed to do a better job than me ;)


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