Monday, 17 October 2011


It's October. October! Is it really October?? I decided that the best way to deal with my lack of sewing inspiration was to do nothing. Just let it come in it's own time. But that seems to have backfired somewhat because it's October. (Is it really October??)

But never fear my fellow craftsters, a recent addition to Jemima HQ has turned my uninspired-ness on it's head. Look!

I have been given, yes given, a 1947 fully functioning electric singer sewing machine. With detatchable hand crank no less. It is hands down the best present I've ever had.

Very annoyingly I've been having some camera trouble but I had to take this quick snap on my phone to show you the paintwork - it's pristine!!

Isn't it the most beatiful thing you've ever seen? I am officially in love. And I can't wait to give her a good workout. Watch this space for lots of crafty goings on! :)

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