Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Hello Strangers! Oh how I have missed you! I am sat in the window wishing the sun would rise high enough to warm me a little, waiting for two loaves of onion thyme bread to prove and listening to the gurgling of fermenting hop wine. It's time for a cuppa, but I thought I'd drop in and say hi before I whack the kettle on.

I haven't had an Internet connection for a fair while now, and I'm struggling to keep up with my online craft community. But I've decided to bite the bullet and install a land line, so hopefully I'll be cooking with gas again soon! So lovely ones, you'll be lucky enough to see a lot more of me soon!

Another decision I've made recently is to re-stock my folksy shop and hopefully open up on etsy too. So watch this space within the next couple of months for lots more crafty goings on! How exciting! Right well I'm off to put these loaves in the oven and make myself a warm cup of tea. Happy crafting!

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  1. Hello! It's lovely to see you back, hope everything is well and you get your internet sorted out without too much hassle! It's funny to see this post now, as I'm only just restarting my craft adventure this month too! Hope you get everything back online and up to date soon (it's such a big project!), and best wishes for the future of Crafty Jemima!
    Karen, x


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