Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Crafty Storage Solutions

So, I have somewhat of a space issue when it comes to crafting. I live in a teeny tiny little shoe box of a flat and as renting workshop space isn't really an option for me at the moment, I am going to have to be ridiculously organized in running Crafty Jemima from home (Yes those of you who know me may well be laughing right now!). My only saving grace is that I have beautiful high ceilings and so plenty of wall space. So I'm looking out for some creative storage solutions, and here are some inspirational pics that tinterweb has to offer:


I wish wish wish I had a closet like this!!


I have a ton of empty jars and bottles so something like this will do me fine.


There's a great little tutorial goes along with this pic - click on the source button and hop on over.


Magnets are the way to go me thinks!


I literally don't have enough space to do this, but the shelving is inspired. Anyone of you lovely crafters have any tips / clever storage solutions in your craft spaces??


  1. I've got most of these pics saved too as inspiration for sorting out my crafting space! Love them, but I can't imagine keeping it that tidy at all! I have some peg board up though which is rather handy



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