Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wish List Wednesday: Wool

So this week it's national wool week. I didn't actually know that until today but I've seen a few tweets flying around twitter and decided to have a look see. It's part of the Campaign for Wool headed up by HRH Prince Charles and is a worthy cause indeed.

My childhood is documented by the various hand knitted jumpers my mother and grandmother made for us, by woolen toys made by relatives- the more I think about it the more wool played a massive part in my life before I even started knitting myself!

Now I use wool for knitting, crochet and felting, and most of the crafts that I enjoy use some form of felt. So for this post I thought I'd mix my wish list items with a showcase of woolen lovelies that I've admired in the blogosphere.

Lucy's hooky makes over at Attic 24.

Claire's felt accessories over at The Rainbow Room

Pompoms galore over at HonestlyWTF.

Eskimimi Knits' hand dyed yarns

Betz White's felt flowers.

The "knitting is for grannies" school of thought is well and truly over - it's cool to crochet and I am enjoying wool's new found vogue. Especially all the fair isle that's around this autumn. So get those needles going, reach for your roving and get working on those winter woollies!

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