Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My Name is Nerys and I'm a Craftaholic

Hello lovelies! How are we all? Finally wheels are in motion and the blog is up and running. Yay! So.... introductions.

My name is Nerys, I'm 23 and I come from a small village in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I now live in a wee house in Derry City, Northern Ireland with my lovely Derry man. Having unfortunately been unemployed for sooooo long now that my brain was in danger of falling asleep forever, I one day decided to remind myself how to knit. Well people that was it! I gradually learned various crafts, taking sewing/quilting and crochet classes, and teaching myself to felt and embroider. I'm now totally hooked, and completely unable to sit still without clutching some variety of hook or needle. I swear my fingers move of their own accord these days!

So with the job situation looking bleaker and bleaker, I had the idea of trying to earn a living doing what I love to do - crafting! I've had a lot of help from the Princes' Trust and Invest NI's Go For It scheme, and hopefully Crafty Jemima: The Shop will be up and running early in the New Year. Fingers, toes, and all things remotely crossable crossed please!

Unfortunately I haven't failed to notice that my setting up this blog coincides exactly with the return of the dreaded insomnia. Bad omen? I hope not! Thankfully though crafting in your jammies at 4am is perfectly doable, as I am indeed demonstrating right now.

Anyhoo, seeing as it is so late/early, I bid you a very good night/morning - surely I might manage a few hours sleep by now? Thanks for reading and see you soon!


  1. Hi Jemima,
    Welcome to blogland! Lovely to read about your crafting in NI. Good luck with your business endeavours. Will you be selling on Etsy?
    I totally understand how it feels to live there with poor prospects of employment. Great that you're taking matters into your own hands. I started doing the same (here in Melbourne) in June this year and it's an amazing journey. I've learned so much on the way and met so many great crafters online. Good luck!

  2. Hey Cathy,
    I was dead set on setting up my own online shop but after chatting to some fellow crafters I'm not too sure now whether to start off selling on Etsy/Ebay now. We'll see! Anyway thanks for being the first to comment and here's to many more!

  3. Good luck with the blog and your shop - are you looking at setting up on Folksy? It's has really friendly forums and lots of people who will offer advice.

    Hope you get some sleep (maybe a whiskey or something might help although it may make your knitting wonky)


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