Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wishlist Wednesday

Oh look, a second blog post in a week. Might I actually be keeping my promise? I think so!

Now today's Wishlist Wednesday is a bit different. This is something for my immediate wish list, rather than my grown up one. You see I seem to have lost my sewing mojo. Boo! So far this year I've been all about the knitting, I've crocheted myself a throw and more recently I've been bitten by the growing bug, but I look at my sewing machine and I don't get that thrill of excitement I usually do. Anyone else gone through uninspired spells like this?? I'd appreciate some tips if you've got any!

Anyways I'll leave you with these pretty pics - maybe if I stare at them long enough I'll leap forth light bulb moment style and fire up the machine. Fingers crossed! :)


  1. Hello Nel,lovely!! I think you might get your sewing mojo back if you teach an eager wannabe sewing mama how to start!! I have a sewing machine and everything. Well.... a sewing machine anyway!! Janaxxx

  2. Hehe Jana I'd love to. I've been saying to a few ladies that we should have crafty girly nights over at mine. Will have to get organized! :)


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